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Supported Employment Services

Atlas Home Care Services LLC believes that clients are still capable of becoming productive in the community as employees. With this belief, we offer Supported Employment Services to individuals, ensuring that they receive all the help they can get with skills training and employment.

Our resourceful staff will assist you with the following services:

  • finding available jobs that match your interests and skills
  • creating resumes that highlight your skills and submitting them to prospective employers
  • filling out job application forms for the positions you are interested in or matched with
  • preparing you for the job interview and how it may go through practice
  • improving your work skills as well as your communication skills through training
  • working with your employer in making the workplace as conducive for you as possible when hired
  • advising and counseling you with various situations that may arise in the workplace
  • providing you with guidance on how to be successful at work
  • monitoring your progress

We make it a point to give you all the resources you need to reintegrate into the workplace. Constant communication with you, your employer, and our team will be essential in helping you achieve success at work.

If you need clarifications regarding how our staff can aid you in gaining employment despite your current situation, please give us a call at 215-921-9200.