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Community Participation Support

With the 100% Community Participation Support services that we provide, Atlas Home Care Services aims to help adults with disabilities obtain the benefits of being included in the community.

We give each individual with plenty of opportunities to build self-confidence, a sense of community belonging and purpose. At the same time, we also maximize employment opportunities through community integration.

Our staff will help locate community centers where a variety of activities are available for you to take advantage of. These activities will help increase social interaction with other members of the community, thereby getting the emotional, social and physical benefits from such interaction. At the same time, our support workers will also find resources that will promote your participation in the community.

We see to it that the activities you will be engaging in and the opportunities you will be taking advantage of are matched with your likes, preferences, and interests. As a result, you get to grow, develop, and become more independent in dealing with the community.

You may reach us at 215-921-9200 to talk about our support services further.