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Non-medical Transportation

At times, homebound clients are unable to maintain socially active lives due to how taxing going outside their homes is. Their mobility issues limit their capabilities to engage in social activities outside their homes. This is where Non-Medical Transportation becomes one of the most valuable services we provide.

Atlas Home Care Services provides non-medical transportation services to help our clients get to the places where they feel involved. Our team can make arrangements necessary for you to reach your destination and go back home in a timely and safe manner. These arrangements typically include proper scheduling, and ensuring availability of the appropriate vehicle and qualified driver, among others.

Through our services, we can provide you with non-medical transportation from your home to the following destinations or appointments:

  • social events
  • family outings
  • visits to family and friends
  • community centers
  • beaches
  • shopping malls
  • religious services
  • salons
  • and more

We can even be there alongside you while you engage in these activities, if your current condition requires you to be accompanied by someone most of the time.

Your condition should not limit the places you can go to. We are here to help you live out your day-to-day routine independently. If you have questions on how you can benefit from our non-medical transportation service, you can talk to our staff at 215-921-9200.